Invisible Things Series: Action, Discovery & The Intimate

Action, Discovery & The Intimate

This workshop explores how to create a visual vocabulary from the invisible experiences good or difficult.

  • How day-to-day life evokes emotions which occupy our bodies – be that within your stomach, heart or mind.
  •  draw out and explore how we make those very invisible experiences into something more visual and tangible
  • through objects and mark making and use bespoke set ups and tools to extend the body.
  •  This workshop uses very tactile materials and incorporates game, touch and movement through bespoke tools.

Originally Conceived for: NAE (New Art Exchange) and MySight

“….the service users enjoyed the workshops. They were very different in content to the sessions they are used to and this is a positive thing. The informal interactions through structured games worked well. It suited the attendees who are familiar with each other… if  [the aims] were to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and creativity then this was fully achieved.” MySight Development Officer