Nomadic Arts Lab

Neighbourhood and Territory

Drawing inspiration from dance artist Simon Whitehead PAS #49 Explored ‘neighbourhood’ community and surrounding as inter dependent factors.

Whitehead say ‘the body is the ‘first home’, and the place or territory where we live is a ‘second home’, or perhaps something that is made through a heightened sense of awareness to where we are. the ‘third’ home is the home you discover when you start interacting with the assemblage body and environment to produce something new.’

Within the context of this festival work lab and performances Mistry in a collective of international artists explored a neighbourhood of Bratislava at the periphery of the “old town”. A mix of of architecture and spaces gave rise to diverse possibilities for creative encounter.

The challenges included how to access private and public space and to consider what extent a performers action meet or become involved with local people.

In making work the individual artists and collaborators considered how to make responsive and expansive ephemeral practices and traces.