Image credit — DWC Imagery

Sunday Assemblage Lunch – Meet The Artist with Rebecca Davies

Social Engaged- Practice as Research

This event took inspiration from Sunday Assembly, a secular alternative to a religious Sunday Mass gathering.
We approached it as a way of spinning/flexing institutional governance or structures – like a totally absurd approach to rethinking power and decision making…which almost gave rise to a mutiny. This live, interactive performance event invited the public into a laboratory of food, costumes, communion and debate, at once autonomous and collective. This gave rise to brief encounters, long stays and communal acts of making, doing, eating and arguing. Having never worked together, this experimental collaboration with artist Rebecca Davies ran for 4 hours on a nondescript and largely vacant (but deliberate) plan. We embraced risk, the unknown, not leading, leading, building, deconstructing and blurred the line between artist-participant and audience-participant.

Welcome – this event is part of whatsthebigmistry’s TAKEOVER at Destress Fest. At the time of writing the artist is thinking a lot about horses,  love, lament, therapy, Sunday lunch times, intimate conversations with furniture and how to be less lonely and more motivated in the wide expanse of the white gallery walls.