Image credit — Bob Karper

Boobs, Bananas & Guns: POWER: National Justice Museum Commission/ Exhibition


A New Visual Art-Film Commission¬† asking “Where does Power come from?”

Boobs, Bananas & Guns

How can one possibly make art, action or conversation on Power in any adequate way? Who am I or You or They to talk about Power?

Is it just too big, offensive, one sided, too dangerous? Perhaps too colourful, too fruity, exotic, exploitative? Just too damn much?

The infamous African-American born banana skirt entertainer Josephine Baker was said to represent “the emancipatory potential in being problematic”. (Dr Michell Chresfield)

Power is Awkward, Too Important and doing nothing is lazy. At the time of writing Mistry is making this work, it’s not complete. In her explorations she considers money, women, anti-production, survival, language and identity.


Producer, Performer, Direction & Co-Editor: whatsthebigmistry
Film & Editor: Bob Karper
Music Composer: Keir Cooper
Audio Describer: Dot Alma
Access Support: Nikki Disney
Project Manager: Alice Roots
Support &Funder Logos
Location : LCB Depot
Ideation Space: National Justice Museum & IGC Attenborough Arts
Funded by ACE & National Justice Museum