Image credit — Jordan Hutchings

SEX Menus & FOOD Positions wt Chloe Cooper/Bedfellows

Irregular intervals of Salt N Pepper and Sex

Artists Mistry and Cooper as they test out new ways to explore the politics of food and sex.

Having never worked together before, the last 48 hours have been Questions!. Our time was spent full of eating, talking, eating, dancing, thinking, dancing, and sleeping together. in the mean time we:

– Assembled a selection of charismatic, charged fruit & stimulating veg.

– Goggled at 90’s MTV video Heroines

– Drank Tea, stacked Jammy Dodgers and debated #MeToo

– Enjoyed Irregular intervals of Salt N Pepper and Sex.

– Showered in Chocolate and Bubblegum

– Entertained Fantasies

In Collaboration with IGC
Research Collaboration with Artist Chloe Cooper of Bedfellows Collective

About Bedfellows
Bedfellows is currently investigating sexual identities, desire, consent, and feminist porn. Bedfellows ask whether, as artists trained in visual literacy, they might be able to deconstruct the dominant tropes of the image-heavy sexual landscape we’re in. It’s happening all the time but it manifested itself most recently in the form of three research group meetings at The Caged Antelope in Deptford; a Charismatic Megafauna gig; a series of SEX TALK MTGs at Serpentine Gallery, Tate Britain and Assembly (Portland, USA); a lecture at Wimbledon College of Arts; and a radio show at Reactor Halls E15: You can’t win them all, ladies & gentlemen..

This event is part of  LAB OF PLAY & LABOUR

What do artists do all day?

An exposing window on the exploits of artist, expect Moving Objects, Flying Bodies, Special Dinner Guests, Sleeping and Tea. whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, working cross-discipline straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance

whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, who works across disciplines straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance. Mistry’s practice adds to discourse around topics explored in the work, particularly mental health, equality and feminine politics, identity, race, sex, gender and queerness, whilst making experimental, playful explorations around the all the possible choreographies and relationships between bodies, objects and spaces.

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