OVERTIME – wt LaPelle’s Factory over-night PM to AM

All Night Long

Mistry Invites Olwen Davies and Ollie Smith of LaPelle’s Factory into the LAB OF PLAY & LABOUR to play all night. Because Priya thought it would be fun. What delirium awaits? What’s going to happen is utterly unclear but there has been talk of Monsters or Dreams…

ABOUT LaPelle’s Factory

We make weird theatre. We laugh at ourselves. We pick on each other. Everyone’s invited. If you’re up for being a bit disturbed and/or delighted then clock-in and get down and dirty. Our shows tear up what is and take a punt on what could be. We re-imagine and recycle, tying ourselves in knots and trying not to over-think it. We question expectations, relationships and modern ideals. And with the use of dark humour, relatable stories and some modest multimedia, we aim to entertain, tease and cause a bit of trouble.

This event is part of LAB OF PLAY & LABOUR What do artists do all day?

An exposing window on the exploits of artist, expect Moving Objects, Flying Bodies, Special Dinner Guests, Sleeping and Tea.

whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, who works across disciplines straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance. Mistry’s practice adds to discourse around topics explored in the work, particularly mental health, equality and feminine politics, identity, race, sex, gender and queerness, whilst making experimental, playful explorations around the all the possible choreographies and relationships between bodies, objects and spaces.

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