Rethinking Identity

Performing Portraits

Workshop exploring Identity, dis/ability, roles, sex and gender through portraiture, mask, clothes and performance Iinspired by the work of artists Laura Swanson and Claude Cajun.

Taking the position that who we are – our identity is decided by a series of choices. Choices which, we may or not be aware of making. This workshop:

  • highlights and challenges shared values and assumptions
  •  asks what is a body, how do we read, understand and interact with the bodies of others
  • what meaning and value do objects, clothing and adornment carry within them and how do we use these to construct an identity

Opens a safe space for explorative dialogue, to rethink our identity and how we relate to others and what it means to ‘perform’ an identity.

Originally conceived for:
Medical students  at Leicester University
Part of SS Disability Arts & Health Elective at Attenborough Arts Centre
An approach beyond diagnostic approaches with a focus on treating the whole person