Image credit — Bernhard and Ulebo. Artist Irma Optimist

Never or Now Festival

Bodies not Brushes

NEVER OR NOW was not a festival in its normal sense, it was truly Never or Now, a one-off in the performance art history of Bergen. But entering Bergen Kjøtt this weekend in January, you were met by the buzz of back-to back and simultaneous performances throughout the building, all tailored to the unique place Bergen Kjøtt and situation of Never or Now. You could also find off site appearances – the artists were all given complete carte blanche for the work they presented, within somewhat loose boundries. Most of them were preparing during 5 days in Bergen prior to the festival. Curious now? Shame if you didn’t come and see for yourself! Check out the blog though, were you can read about and see images from the festival.


There was a program for each day, you will find one on the website.


To explain, discuss and contextualise what you could see during the weekend, there was a seminar arranged by Bergen National Academy of the Arts in the week before the festival.


Finally, we are VERY proud of our little fanzine presenting all our artists, designed by Benedicte Clementsen, with a text by Tommy Olsson.