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Familia * Futura

Families and Utopias

FAMILIA * FUTURA is a festival for families and family utopias. Together we want to develop new strategies of coexistence that strengthen and relieve families economically, socially and emotionally. To do this, we bring together experts from everyday family life and experts from the fields of art, science and politics. Together we created an inspiring discussion and experience space where we celebrate the diversity of families!

With the FAMILIA * FUTURA-Festival we want to build a temporary socio-cultural center, a utopia in which people gather around the topic of family and caring: make workshops, perform performances, discuss, spend time together, dance and dream – be it relaxed at the Patchwork picnic or the brilliant FAMILIES * FETE. We will create a place where people share experiences. It is about promoting solidarity between genders, generations and cultures. This is achieved above all through our great network of various institutions and activists from Dresden and Saxony, who deal with the diverse and everyday realities of families. In addition, our great art education offers good care and training opportunities (for example, in the “root * workshop”).

We invite exciting artists for exhibitions, installations, concerts and performances. A highlight of the program is the “FAMILIES * FETE” on 15 September. Here we celebrate in the ballroom of the Zentralwerk with the queerfeminist rapper * Sookee, the live Techhno project “My Trip is my Trip”, the Dresden DJ collective ProZecco u.v.m. It is worthwhile to be there!