Breaking Bread

A Dinner to Hatch Plans and Take Over the World

Breaking Bread  is a Dinner to Hatch Plans and Take Over the World

An Invitation to eat together, create together, debate together and decide how we would do things if we ruled the the city, the country… the world. Focussed upon LGBTQ folk, Women folk, Invisible Dis/ability Folk and BAME folk who also identity with the afore mentioned focused groups.

Ages 16+

FREE, including food, non-alcoholic drinks
Veggie, vegan and gluten free included
Wheelchair accessible
A side room-safe space

This event was part of De Montfort University’s Cultural eXchanges festival 2018

Outreach Project Manager: Maya Biswas
Team: Olwen Davies, Mariangela Veronesi, Grace Jaay

whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, who works across disciplines straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance.

Mistry’s practice adds to discourse around topics explored in the work, particularly mental health, equality and feminine politics, identity, race, sex, gender and queerness, whilst also making experimental, playful explorations around the all the possible choreographies and relationships of  bodies, objects and spaces.