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Body as a Vessel : Experimental Research- Workshop

Processing Patterns and Experiences into Objects, Writing, Visual Scores and Performance

The Distinct Life & Development of this Workshop:

This workshop was designed in 2020 at beginnings of the Covid19 Pandemic, over the subsequent 2 years has continued to invite different groups to engage in these experimental online sessions. During this time people were (are) experiencing a plethra of rollercoaster emotions on mass, from anxiety, restriction, alienation, overwhelm, existentialism and for many others the opposite too.

>Participants were invited to bring objects that spoke to them of anger, grief, change, celebration and more.
These objects embodied experience, held resonance, memory or symbolically signified emotions, experiences or even desires. Thus the workshop began ritualising objects and sharing them to form a collective pallete, which would evolve, generate responses and evolve ideas  captured in photograph, voice recordings, film, drawing, objects arrangements, sounds, lists, scores, and gestures.

The workshop  serves as a series of tasks and tools for articulating and collectively holding- and in ways transforming – experience via non-word based vocabularies. This output can be considered is a present day archive of emotional data.

The Body as a Vessel + a more Psycho, Imagined and Shamanic practice

Practicing Artists performance/ Visual Art/ Live Art/ Movement
With an Interest or resonance in Themes of Ritual, Shamanic, Psycho, body as a Vessel
Those who work with body, performativity, social practices.
Those working with Performative objects

i) The body as a ‘vessel’ physically and neurologically, holding experience and trauma whilst storing information, impulses and patterns.

Workshop is Open to All Levels.

Which is not about individual ownership or artistic output but about

Nikki Lam, Melissa Gilbert (Offerings), Frauke Huhn, Kate Boyle