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The Bluecoat/ DCNW: Residency

Research Residency Movement & Cross Discipline Processes

In April and July 2022, Priya Mistry aka whatsthebigmistry was invited to participate in a pilot residency programme, in order to support the Bluecoat to establish a framework for dance artist residencies. The residency was made possible through funding from Dance Consortia North West, a powerful consortium of artists, companies and venues within the region making small changes and creating big impacts.

We have identified artist residencies as an intersecting area between our vision and the needs of the dance sector– particularly dance artists excited by the prospect of working in hybrid, public spaces and with local audiences.

The Bluecoat’s vision is to create a worksite which nurtures artists whilst also enabling our audiences to experience, engage with and better understand creative processes.

Invited Residency Workshop-Collaborations took place with North West Artists: Darren Nixon, Pei Tong (Movema) and Helon Conning.

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