The WonderLand Projects: Agent

A Stranger Comes to Town or Someone Goes on A Journey

The first incarnation of DoorWonderLand.

Agent, an offsite project part of the group show ‘A Stranger comes to town or someone goes on a journey’.

This will involve your participation. Take a path through a collage of images from your imagination, your dreams or a lost memory 5 participants embark on an adventure of fantasy on a path to a secret destination. Once you’ve started you won’t step back. Marvel at the characters you meet, the displaced fragments they share.

Part of The WonderLand Projects

Live Experimental Visual Theatre event for limited participants. Promenading through a Labyrinth of dreams, meet and marvel at the fantastical characters. All that is wonderful and fabulous is dark and destructive. All that is freeing is a trap. In close proximity encounter intimate exchanges and actively engage in the new world around. Like a dream. Do you know what dreams are they are the choices we don’t make. They are what you won’t admit. The life you don’t have. Well, you have been invited to play in a Wonderland and reconsider, reconstruct reality and encounter the unknown!