Image credit — Helen Cammock Moveable Bridge, 2017, Film still, HD Video, 30 mins. Courtesy: Helen Cammock

Social Art Summit LAB -New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Making

The Creative Case for Diversity?

Forgotten Black Essex Artist Elsa James  invited whatsthebigmistry akaTropical Awkward Bastard  to work together to deliver a provocative LAB event on race, social practices and the BAME label  for the Social Art Summit in Sheffield this November. To find out what happen visit Elsa’a post here.

Founded in 2016 by artists Eelyn Lee and R.M. Sánchez-Camus, Social Art Network [SAN] aims to build an international artist-led network; expand dialogue and develop agency in the field of art and social practice. The Summit is co-convened Sheffield based artist Ian Nesbitt is a guest co-convener of the Social Art Summit.

Presented by Social Art Network with Site Gallery, Peckham Platform, a-n, University of Highlands & Islands and Middlesex University.

Images by: Jules Lister