Image credit — Helen Cammock Moveable Bridge, 2017, Film still, HD Video, 30 mins. Courtesy: Helen Cammock

Social Art Summit LAB -New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Making

The Creative Case for Diversity?

Forgotten Black Essex Artist Elsa James has invited whatsthebigmistry (akaTropical Awkward Bastard ) to work together to deliver a provocative LAB event on race, social practices and the BAME label  for the Social Art Summit in Sheffield this November.

Founded in 2016 by artists Eelyn Lee and R.M. Sánchez-Camus, Social Art Network [SAN] aims to build an international artist-led network; expand dialogue and develop agency in the field of art and social practice. The Summit is co-convened Sheffield based artist Ian Nesbitt is a guest co-convener of the Social Art Summit.

Presented by Social Art Network with Site Gallery, Peckham Platform, a-n, University of Highlands & Islands and Middlesex University.

Images by: Jules Lister