Queered That Consent?

Queered That Consent?

Have you…Queered that Consent?

Queered that Consent? Invites you to drop in on four distinct and dedicated performing artists – Symoné and Tobi Adebajo, Jenny Wilson and Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec as they get to know one another through their work and conversations about queer practices related to consent, identity, polyamory and non-monogamy in life and work.

Curated by whatsthebigmistry, this two-part Video Podcast asks what alternative ways of being together might we learn from Polyamorous or Non-Monogomous practices when applied to our relationships, structures and agreed ways of working in the arts?

Queered that Consent? is brought to you by Disability Arts Online in partnership with Cultural eXchanges Festival and Duckie!

Both video podcasts will be available to watch from the point of first broadcast until 23:59 on 7 March on Disability Arts Online’s YouTube channel.

28 FEB
Rachel Symoné & Tobi Nicole Adebajo

Jenny Wilson & Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec

ONLINE : 14:00

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in partnership with Disability Arts Online Cultural Exchanges Festival & Duckie

Part 1 Monday, 28 February at 14:00, featuring:

Symoné: She/Her or They/Them

Symoné is a multidisciplinary circus and performance artist based in the U.K.

Her work shifts between cabaret, club and theatre work, using and fusing her movement based skills, from high heel roller skates with hula hoops, pole dance, and voguing!A little known fact is that she infct studied Anthropology, but then performance took over. Her roots in to performing stem from underground raves and these themes appear in her work. Drawing on movement, writing and takes inspiration from experiences and research around consciousness, celebration, and ritual.

Over the last 12 months Symoné has been Artist for Change with Stockton Arc, working to radically challenge and democratize top down structures.

Tobi Adebajo (They/Them/Their):

Tobi Adebajo is an Anti-disciplinary artist exploring the question: “Who is not in this space? And why?”

Their projects are curated to highlight the inaccessibility of society for and to other’d bodies, encouraging freedom with/in movement whilst celebrating survival. Focusing on sound, movement, visual & written pieces; Tobi’s practice draws from all the senses and relies upon meaningful collaboration to create works centralising diasporic experiences whilst simultaneously honouring the power of identity. Tobi presents evidence of communal & spiritual language that we inherently possess but may be unable to access; framing this language as a basis for collective healing and liberation.

Part 2, Thursday 3 March 14:00, featuring:

Jenny Wilson (She/Her):

Jenny Wilson is Founder and Director of Irregular Arts where she creates, produces, writes and performs in projects made from a belief that the arts can – engage, challenge, delight and make change.

She is the Founder of the International Day of Consent on 30th November and writes about consensual relationships at loveoffscript. Queer, neurodivergent, polyamorous relationship anarchist and lone parent, she lives in the City of Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. Her other roles include an Activist Residency at Leeds Beckett University, with the SSSH! Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm Research Group, Dept of Psychology; Chair of Happy Valley Pride; freelance coach, restorative practitioner, and consent facilitator. “I imagine what it might be like to live in the world I’d like to live in, and I create spaces where it is possible for myself and whoever I am relating with to experience that world.”

Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec (She/Her/They/Them):

Kitty is a performer and creator, with a strong interest in the relationship between dance, place and the mind. Her work is informed by her experiences with queerness, mental illness and neuro-a-typicality. Her solo work has been shown at Buzzcut Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, FUTURERITUAL, The Space in Between, Rebel Man Standard Festival, The Friday League, Chisenhale Dance Space, Trip The Light, Cerebellum, Autism and the Arts: Ohio State University.

Kitty is a Candoco artist, facilitating and making work with their youth dance company. She is also supported by Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment scheme, through which she founded Technique Exchange; a programme of open classes for performers, run on a co-operative basis.