Image credit — Zbigniew Kotkiewicz

Provocation / Invitation? The Newbridge Project: Gateshead

What is the difference between Provocation and Invitation?

Priya Mistry (whatsthebigmistry) works with provocation and invitation in workshop and performance practices, and this workshop will be fantastic for those:

  • with an interest in performance
  • those who work with people (in whatever form that takes)
  • anyone interested in expanding their approach to devising workshops

In this session Priya will explore the use of objects, performative actions, visual, sound, word languages and other languages to set up provocation. She will navigate what it means to make invitation, set up spaces for invitation, and look at approaches to engaging in ideas and tackling key questions or experiences will be addressed including:

  • The ways in which provocation & invitation might meet, be that in workshop settings or in performance practice
  • How invitations are made to individuals, groups, or a mix.
  • The flow and engagement of workshop or performance from beginning- middle-end