Image credit — whatsthebigmistry

Protest – MK Gallery June 2018

Skills that are important for Society

“If a school provides a quality environment for students, this will facilitate the acquisition of skills that are important for society.” (Kuuskorpi M., Kaarina, Finland and Cabellos González N, ‘The future of the physical learning environment: school facilities that support the user.’ p.6)

Investigating the theme of ‘Protest’ through one full day of artistic activity exploring the school environment with pupils:

-Explore the relationship of the formal and informal learning that takes place in spaces such as corridors, playgrounds and lunch rooms, in unique and imaginative ways to instigate connection to and ownership over these spaces.

-Undergo processes that inspire  individual and collaborative creative responses,  enable creative learning and thinking to support the expression of  thoughts, ideas, concerns and needs

-Experiment with the development of active members of the school community who can influence decisions and effect positive change to their environment.

with MK Gallery & Stantonbury School