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City Club

Part of MK Gallery’s (Milton Keynes) City Club Project. For this programme of work I focus on working with the Milton Keynes built environment to develop encounter and engagement with public space and people in the local estates, schools and families, so they might see their surrounding and interactions through a different lens. 

Andrew Mahaddie’s early drawings for Milton Keynes are full of colourful blocks, curves, playful dimensions and utopian environments, the MK we see today is very different. Every aspect of MK design is numbered, every bench, lamp post and poster frame, a kind of exemplar place, a catalogue of parts. A ‘Make your own MK Kit’, that can be ordered, constructed and repeated anywhere. My work reacts to the dissonance between the imagined space and the realised one. This work to date includes:

  •  Green Town planning group reunion and archive of untold histories in collaboration with Project Manager Linzi Stauvers
  • An Alternative Tour of MK with local elderly and Age Concern groups to zoom into details and out to places beyond the usually sight line, to seek out what is missing, what is forgotten, what traces of the past or hidden gems can be spotted.
  • An Installation and Intervention by whatsthebigmistry responding to Mahaddie’s bold plans and new designs. This intervention contains bold new building blocks that cut through the city scape like rogue temporarily jigsaw pieces, moving, reorganising the familiar space, forcing new pathways and asking those traversing through to think again.

More details about the project can be found here:

City Club Newspaper

whatsthebigmistry is an Associate Artist with MK Gallery.

MK Gallery’s City Club – a programme of new art, performances, family activities, happenings and talks inspired by the original vision behind Milton Keynes. City Club was the name given in the 1970s to a mind-boggling leisure complex designed to occupy a whole block of Central Milton Keynes. We’ve looked back at this un-built scheme, borrowed the name and visualised a space for numerous activities. City Club re-imagined for the 21st century is like a cover version of a classic song, updated with a new sound.