Sinking Shorelines

It began with an outdated, largely pointless road atlas of Stor Britania purchased at a Norwegian Flee Market. It provoked an experimental performance response, a catalyst for a series of gestures and motifs played out on the rocky shoreline and captured through a series of photographs. MAP explores notions of home and identity. Having cut up and stuck the island back together in my own heartfelt arrangement- I fashioned the MAP around me like the day’s dress and headed down to the water. Britain looked pathetic waving about on the harsh Norwegian coastline. Broken and tattered, I watched bits of Britain sinking into the sea, as it was sinking into new recession (*2009). At times in the studio I had been faced with a tangle of coloured wires, which were in fact large masses of land that mean nothing to me. Yet there was something familiar, common about the map’s content, home.