Image credit — DWC Imagery

BANG at Krisis

Obsession, Roar Quantification & Fragility

This is an obsession with a population of measuring sticks.
A roar quantification in the value of pleasure, anatomy, survival and mental dexterity OR fragility.
Here takes place an intimate examination of the body. Unfolding.
A high functioning Imagination, a Breaking Body and a not so Bloody Womb.
What can one do ….but fly in the face of obsession.
An exploration of the things that frustrate me, the things that I just can’t get past
and the condition that my condition is in.
It’s a response to what I know everybody else is thinking.
This work is an experiment, an attempt in responding.
Responding to the day-to- day crisis of inhabiting this body and the bodies of all women.


LWP &  SOMETHING HUMAN curator collective Alessandra Cianetti and Annie Jael Kwan programme   KRISIS events.

CCLAP is a three year live art project began in 2014 that instigates the sharing of the developments and critical reflections of significant and diverse live art practices in Southeast Asia and the UK, to bring the critical contexts for Southeast Asian live art practice in conversation with developments in the UK/European scenes. The project presents thought-provoking live art performances by Southeast Asian and international practitioners in London (and now Nottingham), bringing their work to both local and a wider international audience.