Image credit — whatsthebigmistry

In the Hold of the Body LCB Lightbox Gallery April 13th

Mind is a Body Part

It’s all in the Mind, no, it’s all in the Body and the Mind is a Body Part and our bodies hold a lot of ‘stuff’. Mistry together with artist Rhianne Burgess explores the way in which bodies act as vessels which store and leak the trauma and experience of significance in out lives. Today in the Lightbox Gallery you will find samples of our working process. It’s not a ‘final exhibition’, it’s elements of our working process on pause.

Following on from Artist is Absent. Mistry continues to explores her Inevitable Absence from the Gallery and life in general on Fridays. After 50mins, a small room in the hospital every Friday with an NHS Therapist, Priya does not participate, don’t expect to see Priya, she won’t be there.

This event is part of  LAB OF PLAY & LABOUR

What do artists do all day?

For 3 weeks Mistry will inhabit the Lightbox Gallery as a working Studio, a LAB of experiments, exploration, conversations that invite in a number of artists to work, play and present. The lengthly window of the Lightbox Gallery hosts a window into this world. Live Public Events will be posted on the website.

Through this exposing window on the exploits of artist, expect Moving Objects, Flying Bodies, Special Dinner Guests, Sleeping and Tea. whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, working cross-discipline straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance.

whatsthebigmistry is artist Priya Mistry, who works across disciplines straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance. Mistry’s practice adds to discourse around topics explored in the work, particularly mental health, equality and feminine politics, identity, race, sex, gender and queerness, whilst making experimental, playful explorations around the all the possible choreographies and relationships between bodies, objects and spaces.

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