Absurdity Series

Repetitive, Accumulative Actions & Absurd

A series of short performative actions each simple, repetitive, and accumulative. These abstract pieces are absurdly underscored with a quiet humor focusing on the subtle shifts that take place through the duration of each action performed.

Paper: A stack of white paper atop a plinth. Enter a small hairdryer. Slowly the stack is blown over sheet by sheet, until a cascade of white covers the floor.

Brush: Two female performers stand side by side, holding, each, a tooth brush.  Vigorously brushing, never spitting, face lathered, toothpaste drips onto their clothes, covers their hands, until eventually they slow to a stop. Hands fall away to stillness. White beards ring and remain around their mouth, slowing slip down.

Up Down:  12 full wine glasses of clear liquid stand in a row. A heeled woman ascends from a staircase under the floor boards. “I’m not ready yet” she says and  picks up a glass and drinks it’s entire content without pausing for breath. Then she descends. Repeat again and again and again….. Each attempt grows in speed, more desperate, more ridiculous, more unbearable. The performer is clearly busting at the seams.