Image credit — NNC /Joe Brown

Swarm Sculptures : Lucy Suggate

Movement Installation

Work of Dance Artist and Choreographer Lucy Suggate

“The body in motion is an articulation of complexity and grace, a 3 -dimensional model that can construct, fold, collapse and re position the future. We are Dancing in the shadow of our own humanity balanced precariously between advancement and disaster- the only way to respond is to move, move together like swarms to transcend, transform and rebuild our sense of the communal, the collective body . Swarm Sculptures interweaves primal, dreamlike and physical surfaces to expand the perceptions and actions of the doer and the spectator. Raising answers to the questions what are we watching for and why do we do?”

Swarm Sculptures is a movement installation based around bodies constructing a specific sculptural form. Using a choreographic score they explore how simple patterning can encourage the transformation of the human form. With an interest in adapting Swarm principals for live performance and looking at the body as sculpture. Swarm Sculptures is a return to simplicity to communal activity that produces mesmerising actions and patterns.

Presented at. Dancing Museums Vienna ( AT), The Grand palais,Paris. ( FR) Bonn Festival for Dance ( DE), Nottingham contemporary, Next Choreography Siobhan Davies Dance, NN contemporary gallery, Northampton ( UK )