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Image credit — Brian Roberts

Provocation/Invitation: Pushkin House 4th NOV 2023

During this workshop Priya will draw on and share her working processes.

Together we will explore
– Juxtaposition of fact, fiction and acts of reimagining
-provocation and invitation as tools for evoking critical engagement
– the use of objects, performative actions, visual, sound, word languages and other languages.
At the time of writing Mistry is still in planning for this session. Priya is percolating on current projects/exhibits in Pushkin house. Which are, in this moment, evoking the….. horses, love, church, traitor, & flashbacks..


whatsthebigmistry (Priya Mistry) is a Multidisciplinary Artist Socially Engaged Worker & Creative Producer- Curator, working under the pseudonym whatsthebigmistry. Their extensive body of works straddle visual,performance, digital and live art .

Mistry’s practice is underpinned by the deconstruction of language and exploration of sensory/non-word based vocabularies. Their work explores and generates discourse at the Intersection of Identities. It connects on the topics of invisible dis/ability/neurodiversity, BIPOC/Global Majority, Queer and Feminist politics; whilst investigating human bodies, functional and everyday objects as sculptural propositions, generating choreographies and arrangements between bodies, objects and space.