Online Micro Film Commissions for Social Media & Live Q&A

What if CARROTS were king and not sterling?
What if all that does not GLITTER was GOLD?

Three Micro films from very different exciting maker-doer-arty folk on how they have practically re-Imagined alternative structures for living, working, staying alive and being less lonely. Who are they? Kitty’s Laundrette (Liverpool), The Portland Inn Project (Stoke) and Contact Theatre (Manchester) Young People leadership.

More about each organisation and their film can be found here

They give an insight into real life examples of cultivating structures, economies and creativity that support and sustain good mental and physical health, permeating ways of living and working with agency in difference and a wider distribution of power. Putting people before profit.

This Event has taken place, If you missed it, you can catch up here on the Facebook Livestream or here of the Youtube Live Stream.

The Commissioned groups were LIVE to chat and share  in July 2020 Online. They were asked -how have their approach to life and work panned out in this pandemic? Has forming more egalitarian, equal, accessible societies and communities still worked and been able to function in a world turned upside down? 

Glitter & Guilds is necessary and is inspired by: Workers’ Co-operative structure/ Artists Guilds / Environmentally Sustainable Practices and the spirit of Collective or Member lead structures.

This event is  Commissioned with DAO.