Experiments In Performing Action and Sound

Emphatic Exclamations of Sounds such as ‘TIC’ or TUP’.

This piece is an experiment, collectively performed by members of the audience.(open to performer/non performers)

This is an interactive work, exploring movement, action, sound, object and score. It is inspired by John White’s Newspaper Reading Machine- which is an experimental Score making process/piece.

The space is organised with a variety of objects, sounds and catalytic arrangements. Participants are given a copy of a selected newspaper article-which will act as their score. Each article is marked with a unique set of directions about how to read/perform the article, where to move and what actions to make. The result is a random, intriguing and unique performance, different every time.

This piece is an Expansion on the Newspaper Reading Machine Workshop.

The Newspaper Reading Machine, an experimental score making process/piece by composer John White. It uses the reading or speaking voice and one, selected newspaper article made up of 8 paragraphs, which provides ‘sound’ material and a structure. White overlays directions on how to read or rather perform the words in the article. This includes reading silently, mumbling or in a raised voice and replaces certain common words or grammar with emphatic exclamations of sounds such as ‘TIC’ or TUP’. Performers start and finish at different times, duration is variable, resulting in a random composition but unique score of voice and sound. There is no hard and fast way of performing the score, depending instead on interpretation and performer, as such the performance of this score is different every time.