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Tropical Awkward Bastard: Live Art Bistro

Performing Britain

On The Stroke of Brexit- Performing Britain

Tropical Awkward Bastard will be Part of Performing Britain, a 24hr live art, performance marathon exploring what British identity might look like post-Brexit. Presented at the moment of the UKs exit from the EU on 29 March 2019. This is a once in a lifetime event that seeks to nurture a dialogue around Brexit that politicians and the media have failed to deliver.

Performing Britain will present a programme of 24 performances by emerging & established artists from the UK & across Europe. Performances will be presented alongside screenings, exhibitions and talks. We will will hold space for round tables and more informal discussions to take place. Performing Britain will run from 6PM Friday 29th March 2019 to 6PM Saturday 30th March 2019 at venues across the Mabgate area of Leeds.Curated and produced by Live Art Bistro, in partnership with organisations across Leeds and supported by Arts Council England.

Tropical Awkward Bastard

A Pineapple, a Bunch of Bananas, a Tropical Juice Carton, One Sharp Cleaver and a Tutu- with a Question hanging in the air: When did Hospitality turning Hostility?This is a Bold Provocative Rant about being misrepresented in the world, while ticking all the right boxes. The work combines autobiographical standpoint, first hand accounts and historical reference points.

A deconstruction of Colonialism Legacy through Fruit, Song, Dance, Costume, Maps and Relics. Featuring an exotic staging of Golden Freak-show Fruits ,Dances with Pineapples and an Economy made of Pina Coldas, a multicultural Co-Co Nut, medicinal Limes and Sundowns, a soundtrack of Bombastic but Complex Histories and a series of Inappropriate outfits.The broad questions centered in this work are about language, meaning and etymology, how meaning has evolved and what values systems this promotes. This work is certainly about misrepresentation, about rethinking taught and ‘promoted histories’, how this feeds the construction of national identities, as well as our idea of ourselves, the individual identity. The work will speak from an autobiographical standpoint.

TAB is an evolving research-performance project. Each performance is different, with new material evolving, responding to location, context and climate. To date performances run 10min- 1hr in length.

Art Forms: Live Art/Cabaret/Performance
Tech: Space dependent
Space : Adapts with site & context
Duration: 10mins- 1 hr versions available


Live Art Bistro, Performing Britain
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WoW/Southbank, Misfits Wildly Wicked Cabaret
Duckie, Posh Club,
Attenborough Arts Gallery,Destress Fest, Gallery Lates,
LCB Lightbox Gallery Residency, LAB of Play & Labour
In Good Company/Derby Theatre REPRESENT Women Of Colour platform,
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