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The Art of Self Care : Roundhouse

Priya Mistry and Lyn Gardner in conversation

Part of The Last Word, a festival where words come alive:  Priya Mistry and Lyn Gardner in conversation.

A day of workshops, panel talks and provocations exploring self-care within the arts sector.

The day will explore self-care methods and practices, covering topics such as mental health first aid, sustaining yourself and others and producer/artist co-care, and encourage participants to share their experiences to hopefully come out with some useful resources and ideas for ourselves and the sector.

Curated by producer and theatre maker Hannah Jane Walker in partnership with PIPA; CALM and UKTHEATRE.

Producer/Artist co-care
Mental health first aid
Mental health diversity and access
Balancing parenthood and caring while working in the arts
Making work about yourself
Sustaining yourself, others and practice