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University of Essex : Women & Girls: Health, Well Being, Inclusivity Research: Jan 2020

University of Essex will be bringing together activists, organisations that work to promote health and wellbeing among young people, and scholars who have achieved impact in similar fields. Priya Mistry has been invited to  speak about about her work, share experience and feed into research on materials being created as part of this work.

Professor Tracey Loughran, Chair of Modern History based at the University of Essex, is leading a project on women’s experiences of bodily, psychological and emotional health in Britain between 1960 and 1990. One of the aims of the project is to use the historical materials found and created to improve the psychological and emotional health, and capacities for action in the present, of women and girls. Thus undertaking an interest in exploring creative ways to engage with different publics and effective routes to achieving change within diverse communities.

Schedule (TBC)

10.00-10.30: Coffee
10.30-11.30: Body Self Family presentation on toolkit & initial feedback
10.30-10.45: Break
11.45-12.40: 2 x papers & qs
12.45-1.30: Lunch
1.30-2.30: 2 x papers & qs
2.30-2.45: Break
2.45-3.45: 2 x papers & questions
3.45-4.30: Discussion of revision of Body Self Family toolkit & wrap-up