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Image credit — DWC Imagery

T.A.B Departure Lounge 20th July 2018

A Pineapple, a Bunch of Bananas, a Tropical Juice, Carton, One Sharp Cleaver and a Tutu.

This project originates as a Bold Provocative Rant about being misrepresented in the world, while ticking all the right boxes. Mistry asks what happens when we dissect the spoken and visual languages through which we  see the world?

The broad questions centered in this work are about language, meaning and etymology, considering how meaning has evolved and what values systems this promotes. What happens when we create new language, new classifications? This work is certainly about misrepresentation, about rethinking taught and ‘promoted histories’, how this feeds the construction of national identities, as well as our idea of ourselves, the individual identity. The work will speak from an autobiographical standpoint.