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Image credit — Emma Dalesman

Instrument Sculptures: 2019/20

The sonic sculptures and musical instruments that Rita has been building for the past years, were brought together as one installation and a performance in June 2019.

A guild of women artisans, architects and engineers unfurled the sonic spaces of the sensitive instruments playing and working them as their tools. Air pipes were used to sample and analyse the air, a triangle structure with tremolo arms was used as a base to form elastic audiovisual structures in a volatile negotiation.

Each instrument has unique inbuilt properties of sound, movement, materials and intention for its shared use. They are informed by ancient musical instruments, hypnotic material processes of artisan work, aquatic life forms and utopian collective architecture.

The performers, instruments and sounds come together in an intricate series of delicate and suspended relationships.

Performed by Letizia Binda-Partensky, Josefina Camus, Bun Kobayashi, Priya Mistry, Sara Ruddock and CĂ©line Tschachtli with choreography by Pepa Ubera.

This work is a performance and a film with a specially produced soundtrack and commissioned text by writer and curator Amy Lay-Pettifer made in conversation with Rita Evans about the improvisational process.

Audio and video clips will be updated on this site in the coming months.

Director of Photography for the film and lighting, Emma Dalesman. Project Sound Engineer, Francine Perry. Live Sound Engineer and audio recordings, Phoebe Robinson.

Special thanks to Sound Engineer Sherry Ostapovich, Justin Hunt (Chisenhale Dance Space) and all those who took part in workshops in 2017 and 2018 at Chisenhale Dance Space (in particular Antonio de la Fey, Robert Vesty, Chase Foley, Paola Napolitano and Mira Vladimirova).


Rita’s Blog on the Project: https://www.chisenhaledancespace.co.uk/rita-evans/

To keep up with developments and performances please visit Rita’s website.