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Image credit — Julian Hughes

DYCP Award & Critical Path : 2020 (AUS & International)

Priya Mistry has been awarded the Developing your own Creative Practice (DYCP) from ACE.

Mistry has developed a body of evolving practices and projects.

-Meeting with her own lived experience and problematic colonial histories in the guise of provocateur in Tropical Awkward Bastard. At the same time during Radical Sabbatical, she began to ask ‘do we all need to be a little bit more Psycho? more Shamanic? more Imagined?  Now she seeks to extend and explore the wider colonised lived experience, investigating the Body as a Vessel holding neurological information, patterns, experience, trauma and emotions.

Here are the core plans for this grant.  More details will follow.

1. In 2020 Mistry will be working in partnership with Critical Path(CP), Sydney and Next WaveFestival Melbourne to:

-Research and deepen understanding of how Australians are (or not) deconstructing and responding to post/colonialism.

-Connect with local, indigenous, dance and live art and cross art form practitioners and organisations.

-Work with CP curatorial team develop content for their research based- Magic Lab working with Local and first First Nation artists, and develop ideas to frame a parallel lab in the UK.

-Initiate collaboration: Host a series of dinner, dialogue and exchange events to enable new projects with artists, curators, cultural leaders.


2. An Ambitious Journey from the U.K to Australia in 2020 over land and sea (no flights)

– Explore ‘ ACTS OF SLOWING’ – sustainable working, travelling, ‘being a human’ and environmental practices

– Try out alternative economies and ecologies.

I’m Looking for…

– Residential Spaces and accommodation hosts on my journey / stops
-Individuals Organisations and/Collectives that have an active interest in sustainable artists & environmental & mental health ecologies and economies

-Those with Indian Subcontinental heritage, living in parts of the world other than the U.K