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Image credit — Rosie Powell

Be More PIRATE: Artistic Mutiny: NOW

I’m going to be working as Quartermaster with Sarah Shead founder of Artistic Mutiny, we are plotting to be more PIRATE. WATCH THIS SPACE or join us here.

Words: Sarah Shead

Welcome aboard ship mate!

Fellow pirateers, we are a group of audacious, lively and passionate individuals working in the arts, who share the mission to be a little more rebel and a lot more Pirate.

Together we can challenge the status quo, break the rules, rewrite the rules and recreate the systems and ecology we often feel strangled by and forced to work within.

There is an urgent need for change. Together we can challenge establishments, throw out old order and organise ourselves more effectively to create change for the betterment of the arts.

This is an uprising of independent power, not excluding organisations, but instead recognising that they too are made up of individuals, driving and shaping their missions. This is a place where everyone can have a voice.

Inspired by and applying theories from Sam Conniff Allende’s book, Be More Pirate. We are setting out to sail uncharted waters, but before we do that we need to form our Artistic Mutiny. Sign up here…and have your Rum at the ready!